First and foremost, this story takes place in Cantalagua, a paradisiac town famous for its natural and cultural richness. Every year people from all around the world come to visit and enjoy the marvels of Cantalagua.

But the town’s fame is now but a shadow of what it once was… And apparently something mysterious is occurring all throughout the town…


Nila is an ordinary 13 year-old girl who lives in The Lighthouse, Cantalagua’s most iconic guest house. Through her eyes we’ll explore the town’s past and try to discover the mystery that may prevent a great disaster from happening.

The vision


The original idea was conceived by Maria Izquierdo. She joined forces with friends Antar Castro and Paulo Esparza to develop the idea and bring this world to life. Soon they discovered they had a huge amount of work to do. They do it still and enjoy it very much most of the time.


Song for Cantalagua is a webcomic about wonder and discovering the extraordinary on mundane things. It is also about responsibility and letting yourself be. The world is an extraordinary place, we are just sometimes too busy to enjoy it.

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Song for Cantalagua webcomic